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Helping Nebraska's Farms and Ranches to Remain Competitive Through Financial Analysis


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Company History:

  • Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. started in 1976, part of the Cooperative Extension in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 2002, we moved to a new location in Lincoln; still working with the University to gather data and other information on farming operations.
  • Today, we continue to work with producers from all across the state, providing financial and management needs.

With our consultants having over 100 years of financial experience, we are able to work with over 400 Nebraska producers, while our membership continues to grow each year! We are able to provide knowledge to farmers and ranchers with our financial analysis, business planning, tax planning and tax preparation.

Our long history and established business practices provide us with a solid foundation on which to not only meet the needs of our clients, but also exceed the expectations of our current and future members by providing them with invaluable accounting, business analysis, and tax preparation services.



  • Your membership is customized to fit your needs! Pay for only the services you would like.
  • Keeps you informed with NFBI updates by being part of our mailing list.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Just give us a call and we will help you out.

What About Me?

Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. can help you organize and develop the management tools necessary to ensure your operation’s successful future!

How many acres do you farm?… How large is your livestock operation?… What kind of production agriculture do you serve?…

…It doesn’t matter! We serve all different
types of production agriculture no matter
how big or small

Whatever the size, wherever the location, however profitable….we have services that will benefit you!

Let Us Help You!


Provide assistance to your operation, with everything from record-keeping to overall management decisions.



Educate you on how to use your financial records to analyze your whole operation, down to each individual enterprise in your business.



Help you as the operator develop a plan that will help your operation ensure growth and success. 




Financials are not the only part of our trade, we also know tax law! It will provide opportunities for estate planning, transition planning, enterprise expansion, or liquidation when the timing is right!