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April 2019 Newsletter

  • Indemnity Program Deadline
  • Average Books
  • Nebraska Personal Property Tax 2018
  • Tax Due Dates
  • Tax Changes
  • PC Mars Training
  • Importance of Analysis
  • NFB Crop Insurance Dates

February 2019 Newsletter

  • Tax Return Reminder
  • Tax Return Filing Deadlines
  • Analysis Deadlines
  • NFB Crop Insurance News
  • Why Do Farmers Have to Pay First?


December 2018 Newsletter

  • Book Closing Appointments
  • Tax Filing Deadlines
  • Good Farmer to Great Manager
  • 1099’s and W-2’s
  • Book Closing Appointment Checklist
  • NFB Crop Insurance News
  • Things to Consider When Family Passes Away
  • NFBI Closing Dates

April 2018 Newsletter

  • Good Farmer to Great Manager
  • Section 199A Deduction- After the Fix

October 2018 Newsletter

  • Tax Planning Appointment Schedule 
  • Comparing 2017 to 2018 Taxes 
  • Beware of Scams 
  • 1099’s and W-2’s 
  • NFB Crop Insurance News 
  • Good Farmer to Great Manager 
  • Trade Show Information 
  • Welcome Jordan 

February 2018 Newsletter

Section 199A Deductions

August 2018 Newsletter

  • Form 2290
  • Financial Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • New Members of the Team
  • Husker Harvest Days

June 2018 Newsletter

  • Good Farmer to Great Manager
  • Changes to NOL
  • Heavy Highway Use
  • Personal Property Tax


December 2017 Newsletter

•Who Needs a 1099?
•Stresses at Renewal Time.

October 2017 Newsletter

•Healthcare Sharing Groups
•Tax Reform in 2017 – How will you be affected?

August 2017 Newsletter

Form 2290 – Heavy Highway Use

June 2017 Newsletter

Decisions vs. the Bottom Line

April 2017 Newsletter

Financial Tune UP – Are you prepared?


December 2016 Newsletter

Estate Planning : Starting the Planning Process

October 2016 Newsletter

Tax Planning in Low Income Years

August 2016 Newsletter

Do you have employees? It might be time to brush up on the new Overtime Rules.

June 2016 Newsletter

•Form 2290 – Heavy Highway Use
•2015 Nebraska Regional Net Farm Incomes: What is normal?
•Accounting Tip: Remotely Deposited Transactions

April 2016 Newsletter

•An Outlook on NFBI’s 2015 Preliminary Averages
•Looking for ways to Improve your record keeping this year?

February 2016 Newsletter

•8879’s, Vouchers, Automatic Transactions


December 2015 Newsletter

•IRA’s and Retirement Funds
•Updated TAX LAW for the 2015 Tax Year

October 2015 Newsletter

•Farm Prepaids: Are you doing it correct?
•Giving? What you need to document for Charitable Contributions

August 2015 Newsletter

•Cash Rent Increases: When is the right time to give up a lease?

June 2015 Newsletter

•Can I afford this?
•Cost of Production: Years with Low Crop Prices