Farm Financial Analysis

Have you wondered what the actual average cost per acre for fertilizer was on irrigated corn in your farming operation? Or how much your operating expense ratio was? Ever wonder how your operation compares with your neighbor or the rest of the producers in your county?

Wonder No More. We Have The Tools That Can Answer Your Quesitons!

The Real Picture:

Maintaining cash basis records is important for your tax return, but it provides little value for managing your business. The Farm Financial Analysis converts your cash basis records to accrual based by moving everything back into the production year, such as carryover grain stats or prepared expenses. With accrual based financial statements, you are able to see the true financial health of your operation.

We not only have the ability to benchmark your operation to producers that are similar to your size and your type of production agriculture within your county and state, we also have the ability to compare your operation with the FINBIN database, allowing for comparison with producers that are similar in your size and your type of production agriculture within the rest of the United States!

Is the Analysis something for You?

It could be the right answer if you want to:

Understand your costs




Make sound financial decisions




Rise above the competition




Make a good farm better




Because the Farm Financial Analysis is completed for producers all around the state, we are able to compile our Annual Average Reports. The Average Books are used by producers, lenders, government leaders and for other financial measures.

If you would like more information, or to see previous years Annual Average Reports, check out the Average Books page!

Other Benefits of the Financial Analysis


Have the ability to get answers quickly to your "What If" scenario by using a Cash Flow report.




Get a good picture of your operation by comparing your Historical Data from one year to the next.



Whole Farm Analysis:

The Whole Farm Analysis will provide you an overview of your farm for the year, including:

  • Accrual Net Farm Income
  • Earned Net Worth Change
  • 21 Standard Financial Ratios

While one year provides this information, a commitment to continued analysis over many years provides the best information for making decisions. As you build history, you will be able to see trends develop over the years.

Enterprise Analysis:

Take the Whole Farm Analysis one step further with the Enterprise Analysis!

You have the ability to take your Whole Farm Analysis and look at each Enterprise; know the income and expenses, profits and losses. This will provide information that may be valuable in managing your inputs and marketing.

Enterprise Analysis includes breakouts of:

  • Crop Rental Type
  • Per Field
  • Farrowing vs. Finishing Hogs
  • Cow-Calf vs. Finishing Cattle
  • Per cwt.
  • Per Head

Over time the level of detail can be adjusted to meet the changes of your farm and your records.

What You Will Need to Get Started:


Beginning & Ending Balance Sheets that are as of December 31st




Balanced Set of Records that are reconciled to the proper bank statements




Crop & Livestock production Records




If records are available, we can go back and build history from past years



If you don’t have these, don’t worry! We can help you gather the information to get started!


The Farm Financial Analysis (FINPACK) provides you with balanced and complete information taking into account all aspects of the operation including non-farm income and expenses! Be able to see where your operation has areas for improvement, while being able keep your production agricultural operation competitive & successful!

  • We will meet with you to gather the necessary year-end information, balance sheets and other records, in December or January.
  • Additional meetings can be scheduled, with no extra fees, to review your completed analysis with you in detail!