Payroll Services, Bill Pay Service, and more.

Better management begins with better records.

We offer a variety of accounting options to meet your needs.  We adhere to one of the strictest Privacy Policies in our industry.

PcMars is the software that we prefer and recommend. PcMars was developed for agriculture and farm business. It is easy to use while offering detailed options to give you the level of information you want so you can manage your farm.  We offer both In-Office Accounting and At-Home Accounting with PcMars.

PcMars was developed by the Iowa Farm Business Association.  We are a licensed dealer for this accounting software program, and as such we are able to offer technical assistance to our members who choose to purchase the software for their use at home.

To view a sample of the PcMars accounting software reports and the chart of accounts click on the links below.

Bank & Loan Report

Year End Detail for Tax Preparation

Year End Cash Summary

Chart of Accounts

PCMars In-Office Accounting:

Clients code their checks and bank statements using a chart of accounts that NFBI provides to the producer. We process and balance the bank statements then return them to you with cash income statements, as well as monthly and year-to-date breakdown of your income and expenses.

PCMars At-Home Accounting:

NFBI will set up your PcMars, train you to do your accounting at home, and be here to answer your questions.

Your own Software:

If you already have a system you like, we will help you keep the best records you can, using your own software.

Payroll Services

If you are like most producers and business owners you probably dread preparing payroll every pay period. NFBI can help you with that too! Payroll services can be tailored to meet your needs, from calculating weekly or monthly payroll to preparing your quarterly and annual reports.

We prepare:
  • W-2’s
  • 1099’s
  • Quarterly & Year End Forms

Bill Pay Service

NFBI is proud to announce our newest service to make our clients’ lives easier! Our Bill Pay Service gets you out of the office and back into the fields. With this service you can mail, fax, or email us your bills. We do the accounting immediately and send you the check file via email or we can print the checks out for you and mail them to you. All you have to do is sign the check and send it!