Crop Insurance

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What makes us uniquely qualified to help you with your crop insurance needs? Simply put, we bring your farm analysis, business, and tax planning together to formulate a crop insurance plan that is unique to you . Unlike others, we can utilize the resources of Nebraska Farm Business to offer crop insurance solutions that are customized to your individual operation.

Revenue Coverage

Revenue Coverage provides comprehensive crop protection through a dollar guarantee based on the board of trade’s or exchange’s early futures price (base price). Additional protection is provided if the near harvest futures price (harvest price) exceeds the base price. It also provides prevented planting and replanting protection. The perils covered are weather related, certain other unavoidable causes of loss, and price fluctuations.

Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP)

The Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP) plan of coverage is an area-based revenue insurance program that provides insurance protection against widespread loss of revenue in a county. The insured is paid when the county revenue falls below the insured’s selected trigger revenue.


MPCI offers comprehensive protection through a production guarantee. MPCI also provides prevented planting and late planting protection. MPCI covers weather-related causes of loss and certain other unavoidable perils.


The Crop-Hail program provides the grower protection against any yield reduction caused by hail and/or fire. The grower may elect to insure up to the full value of the crop. There are various deductibles available to allow the grower to partially self-insured for a reduced premium cost.